Rabu, 07 Agustus 2013

Cholesterol Drugs Over the Counter (OTC)

Good morning!! I am sitting in an FDA hearing in Washington D.C., ready to testify later this afternoon regarding making MEVCOR an OTC drug. Mevacor, a statin, helps to lower cholesterol and a low dose, available OTC, would go a long way to improve the health of the public. I have been involved with this issue for more than eight years, as Merck and J and J have been studying the impact of this possible launch together. It is very controversial and the FDA Advisory Board is grilling all the folks who are testifying today. My plan is as follows---we could do a lot better in our care of patients with a primary prevention strategy for coronary artery disease. Sure, can the public really understand the role of cholesterol in heart disease and will they take mevacor appropriately---these are important questions but we need to move ahead and find out!! I will keep you posted on this important FDA decision. This is after all, a real life health policy issue for our country.As always, I am interested in your views too. ALSO, please let me know what you think about our plans for a new school of Health Policy and Population Health. See my previous posting. I am excited about my new blog so keep your comments coming. DAVID NASH

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